Dr Who Online Review

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new review of the Vale of Strange books, so it’s great to see this very positive newly published assessment of The Shop on Peculiar Hill from Sebastian J Brook, Site Editor of the entertaining and comprehensive website, Dr Who Online. He told me: “I have to commend you on a truly fantastic book. I mean this when I say it’s one of the best Children’s Fantasies I’ve read in a loooong time. It’s up there with Lemony and JKR – seriously!”

What a nice guy! I think I might leave that summary lying around in a few places. You can read the full review here. And while you’re about it, why not stop and take a look at all the latest Dr Who news? (Did you know John Bishop was joining the cast?). There’s a lot to read on there. As Sebastian explains, the site is “bigger on the inside”…

Clever people, those Time Lords…

Author: Grimly Darkwood

Author of The Shop on Peculiar Hill and the Vale of Strange Series

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