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Hello! I’m Grimly Darkwood, author of the Vale of Strange series of scary, mysterious, funny fantasy adventures. They’re for kids aged around 8 to 12 – and also for adults who don’t get scared too easily. This is my website where you will find all the latest news about my books. If you’re looking for my latest blog post, you’ll find it here.

If you haven’t yet read the books, you can get them from Amazon UK,  Amazon.com and all the other Amazon sites worldwide. They’re available in both eBook (Kindle) and paperback format. If you’re signed up for Kindle Unlimited, you can read them on Kindle for free.

The books are about a boy called Peter who comes to live at Peculiar Hill and finds that it is a very dangerous place, where people have to use hats and sturdy boots to protect themselves against the monsters which live in the nearby Vale of Strange.  In the first book, ‘The Shop on Peculiar Hill’, Peter discovers the dark secret which lurks at the heart of this place, but his efforts to put things right do not go according to plan. He sets out to make amends with the aid of his new friend Amanda, but involving her does not turn out to be such a good idea…

In the second book, ‘Stranger Days on Peculiar Hill’, Peter returns to the Vale of Strange with his new friend Mala, hoping to find her father, the hapless explorer Augustus Flipper, who has disappeared in a sudden outbreak of strangeness. You may not be surprised to discover that, once again, things do not go according to plan. Many characters from the first book, including Amanda, Uncle Bob, Aunt Maggie and the pedantic lifkin, Thing, make a welcome return in this one.

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